Dalton Gang – Standing Tall Producer: Eddie Crook Label: MorningStar Website: www.daltongangministry.com Back in the mid to late 1980's, the Dalton Gang was just beginning to make a name with songs like “Still Small Voice” (they actually recorded this Gerald Crabb penned tune in 1987, one year before Gold City did in 1988) , “Call me a Dummy” and others. Then as quickly as they came, they were sidelined with various health issues and ended up drifting off into obscurity. Now over 15 years later, the Dalton Gang rides again! Filled with a down home country sound and heartfelt vocals, the Dalton Gang, consisting of Tom and Cheryl Dalton and Fred Spencer are “Standing Tall” for all to see. The recording starts off with the slow tempo, “THERE'S ALWAYS A RAINBOW” and the song pretty much sets the pace for the recording, as most of the songs tend to fall into the slow to medium tempo range. Including the aforementioned song, several tunes have been previously recorded by numerous artists throughout the years including “MERCY”, “I SAW THE MAN”, “SHEPHERD OF MY VALLEY”, “HE IS MY EVERYTHING”, “LET'S HAVE A REVIVAL” and “BETTER HURRY UP”. The group also rendered their version of the oft recorded “I'LL GO WITH YOU”, which has previously been recorded by the Comptons and Duvall Family . They even threw in an Albert E. Brumley tune entitled, “THERE IS STRENGTH IN THE LORD”. The only song that I am unfamiliar with and I assume is probably a newer tune is “LIFT UP JESUS”. Though I wouldn't call them the most polished sounding group, there is a raw emotional quality about their music that I find quite appealing. Fans of the Singing Cookes, McKameys, and the like will thoroughly enjoy this group. Adequate tracks and vocals, and a good choice of material, albeit mostly cover tunes, this is a good, solid piece of work and it actually does whet my appetite for their next release. Personal Favs: THERE'S ALWAYS A RAINBOW; MERCY; I SAW THE MAN; HE IS MY EVERYTHING” - James Hales

Southern Gospel News

Almost a week and a half ago, I was by myself...on my way to a Bible Conference in Jackson, Tennessee and happened to turn on the radio to a christian station. On this particular day, they played the song, "There Is Strength In The Lord." I was truly blessed as I listened to the song.   I finished the Bible Conference (which was great) The Specks, and The Jodie Brown Indian Family were there too. When I got in my car to make the long trip to Ohio where I was to do three concerts that weekend...I was tired. I told the Lord I would like to hear that song by the Daltons again. I promise you...it was not more than five minutes before it was played on that station. Again...I was so blessed. I began to think about the words of the song and how it ministered to me. I then remembered it was the 29th of September. Ron Huddleston (my husband) was buried on the 29th of September, 1988. I thought about looking at him for the last time that day and wondering how in the world I would ever make it without him.  What I found in the days, weeks, months, and even years after his death, is...STRENGTH IN THE LORD!!! I have experienced, and lived in the light of the words of that song. OH WHAT STRENGTH I HAVE FOUND IN THE LORD. I shared with the people in Ohio about hearing that song since it was a church that Ron and I had been to many times together.   Ron thought so much of the two of you. I felt he would want me to let you know that your song was a blessing to me.   I just wanted to thank you for the song, and I pray the Lord will continue to open doors for you across the country.” - Lois Jane Huddleston

— a Christian music artist from Hendersonville, TN