“I’m The One”, “Coming Out Of the Wilderness”, “I Lean On You Lord”, "I'd Be Lost Without You", "Behold The Nail Scarred Hands", "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" and “Call Me A Dummy”

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ENCORE COLLECTION...Original recordings of radio hits and favorite songs

1. Still, Small Voice, from RIDING IN STYLE 2. More Than I Have Here, from FAMILY & FRIENDS 3. Working My Way Back To Calvary, from REJOICE 4. Coming Out Of The Wilderness, from PROJECT FOUR 5. Safely In The Arms Of Jesus, from REJOICE 6. I'll Be In Heaven, from RIDING IN STYLE 7. I Will Make It Home, from FAMILY & FRIENDS 8. I'd Be Lost Without You, from PROJECT FOUR 9. I'm The One, from PROJECT FOUR 10. Lay It Down And Leave It, from REJOICE 11. Call Me A Dummy, from PROJECT FOUR 12. I'll Drop My Anchor, from RIDING IN STYLE AVAILABLE IN CD ONLY    Email us from the CONTACT PAGE to buy the ENCORE CD.



“I’ll Drop My Anchor”, “I’ll Be In Heaven”, “Still, Small Voice” "I Wanna See Jesus", "I Know Who Can", "You Gotta Smile", "Walking The Right Road", "Holy Spirit Fill This Place", "Jacob Dug A Well", and “Battle Scarred Soldier (His Coming Is Nigh At The Door)”.......Available in cassette only Email us to buy the RIDING IN STYLE CD or cassette (from the CONTACT page)


"I Will Make It Home", “Lowest Valley”, “Come Morning”, “One Day At A Time”, "Your Feet Won't Get Wet", "Each Step By Faith", "I'll Leave Tomorrow", "Children Go Where I Send Thee", and “More Than I Have Here”... cassette only Email us to buy the FAMILY & FRIENDS CD or cassette (from the CONTACT page)


  • Disk 1--I'll Be Waiting At The River For You / On The Other Side Of Jordon 
  • Disk 2--Life Beyond Death / I Claim The Blood 
  • Disk 3--Heaven, Happy Home Above / I Don't Want To Get Adjusted
  • Disk 4--It'll Be Worth It After All / Someone To Care
  • Disk 5--I'd Like To Talk It Over With Him
  • Disk 6--There's Always A Rainbow / He Is My Everything
  • Disk 7--There Is Strength In The Lord / I Saw The Man
  • Disk 8--Mercy / I'll Go With You
  • Disk 9--Better Hurry Up / Shepherd Of My Valley
  • Disk10-Let's Have A Revival / Lift Up Jesus

NOTE: Disk 6-10 has light background vocals. All include both performance and demonstration tracks. $12 each (includes s/h). Order by sending an email to with selections.


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