From the recording There's Always A Rainbow

A Story I Have To Tell About "There's Always A Rainbow"...On August 28, 2005, I was at the funeral home in Camden, TN at my great aunt's funeral. There was another funeral going on at the time and my uncle and I were standing out in the hallway. A song ("There's Always A Rainbow") was being sung by a man and his wife. We thought the song was the prettiest one we had ever heard. When the song was done, the man who was singing came out into the hallway. I asked him who sang the song. He said he did not know; he had heard it on the gospel radio station. I then found a program left lying on the table that had the name of the song on it. I picked it up and brought it home with me. I started searching. Today I turned on the radio and tuned into 105. They told your website. There was this group called the Dalton Gang and it had the songs listed. The first one was "There's Always A Rainbow." I wanted to order the CD so I just called the number listed and spoke with Tom Dalton himself. But there's more to this story.....The man that sang the song at the funeral home that day was Tony Cooley and his wife. Tony died Friday, September 16, 2005. He drowned while at the river. His funeral is going on as I am writing this. Tony will be remembered for his beautiful gospel singing and his faith in God. I think God meant for me to find this song. It is just amazing how everything happened. Thank you Dalton Gang for doing such a beautiful and inspirational song. May God bless you each and every day........Genia, Sept. 19, 2005